Dell Latitude E6420 ATG

In the world today, no one can think of getting a laptop for business purposes in just $3000. However, Dell Latitude E6420 is one and only example of such laptop. The speed of this computer is outstanding. In addition, the battery time that this laptop offers is almost half a day. Other than this, the chassis of this laptop fine quality and is strong enough. The weight that this laptop possesses is 6.5 pounds. If comparing this new Latitude E6420 with its older version E5420, it is one pound. This laptop is also more expensive than its older version but worth the price.

The power that this Latitude E6420 carries is more than its older version. The model of this laptop is Core i7-2620M and the processor provided in it is of Intel of 2.7GHz. The RAM that this laptop constitutes is DDR3 of 4GB. The computer has also been provided with Intel HD graphics having the hard drive of 128 GB. The Windows provided in this laptop is Windows 7 professional. The laptop ha been ranked at number 6 among 136 in the WorldBench. This laptop left all of its competitors as well as its older version and was included in the chart of all-purpose laptops.

Although this is not the most suitable computer to play the games, however the computer was tested for the gaming and delivered the equal performance as any other of the Intel portables based on graphics. These included its older model E5420. But if you have this Latitude E6420, you would have the option of purchasing and applying Nvidia graphics card to this laptop. This option is not available with the older version of this computer. However considering the battery time of this laptop, it has left behind all of its competitors and has been able to reach at number one. Although, it was though that the battery time of the older version of this laptop E5420 which is 9.5 hours was quite remarkable, but this E6420 has even beaten its own old model. To be more precise, the exact battery time of this E6420 according to a test was recorded as 11 hours, 18 minutes. So this could be the most feasible laptop to be used while you are making a long journey in your car, sitting on the passenger seat, making some trip regarding your business.

This laptop would look absolutely attracting as you start noticing it. The only problem is with its weight otherwise the structure of this laptop is just superb. Around the edges of the laptop, it has been provided with a plate of aluminum that has been anodized. In addition, in order to protect the computer, it has been provided with rubbers at the back side of the laptop at both ends. But overall, this laptop is basically designed for the business users. This would be the best option for the ones who want it to be used for the business purposes. Otherwise if you want a laptop just for the casual use, there would be several more option available for you that would be much cheaper as well.

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