Digital Technologies and BPM Tools that Matter

Bpm’online. Bpm-online is well-known for its flexibility and combination of sales, marketing and customer service in one platform. The system can boast of a wide range of BPM tools for lead generation, event management, mobile sales, service catalogue, contact center, etc. Its interface designer is fully customizable to meet all requirements. Visual content designer helps team members to create bulk email campaigns and manage events. Sales platform fully controls processes from lead to order. Analytic and forecasting tools enable to view and track all business processes minimizing any risks and costs. Enhance your business processes with You can also download EBook to learn more about intelligent business process management tools at

Pie. The software has been developed for different departments dealing with daily routine processes and complex projects. BMP tools comparison shows that Pie is different from other systems because it allows reusing process model for repeatable tasks. It shortens time for creating and managing a process. Project management tools enable users fully visualize processes with stages, deadlines, employees involved and status. Built-in templates help to do that even easier. Using custom dashboards, managers can see the most crucial KPIs at their fingertips and track progress. The Train-the-Trainer program helps employees to master the system quickly and easily. Learn more about Pie’s business recipes at

Replicon. Replicon is a SaaS-based solution notable for its customer management and budgeting tools. Now workers and clients management became easier. HR managers can monitor employee absences, remote workflow and resources. Time tracking tools keep records of various projects. The system’s best BPM tools also include billing, planning, shared services management and grant management. Reporting and analytic tools such as centralized dashboards and diagrams derive quick insight, while viewing progress and bottlenecks at different levels. In addition to that, the software offers labor compliance solutions. Employees can input their working hours and gather information needed for audit. Sign up for free trial at

QuickFMS. With this cloud-based software companies can structure, organize and effectively run business processes. Its product modules include property management, help desk, resources and asset management, etc. Property management tools help to track terms of agreements, calculate rental charges and send necessary reminders. BPM tools for asset management track asset consumption, allocate assets and control asset depreciation. Help Desk software assigns employees to various tasks, manages tickets and streamlines support services. Managers can create historical reports and monitor complaints. Maintenance tools enable to manage maintenance personnel, review maintenance plans and monitor supply inventories. Get total control over your company with

Mindbody. Mindbody offers BPM software tools for sales, staff resources, online booking, retention and marketing. Unlike other platforms, smart tools created by Mindbody let clients to view schedule, book and pay directly on user’s website. Staff management will be easy to organize thanks to convenient custom schedules and day-to-day tasks. The system also allows issuing paychecks, monitor payments and run payroll reports. Clients can create their own accounts, see their balance, reschedule and ask for support. Moreover, all these options are accessible on Facebook pages. Explore the new solutions for your business at

Automate. Comprehensive, but easy to use, Automate has been developed to simplify processes and reduce manual work. It has more than 600 automated actions. Its file management tools automate a high volume of file transfers and synchronize projects. Simple deployment and intuitive interface streamline operations. Flow diagrams represent all levels of process. Task builder tool develops applications to meet any specific need. Server Ops Console enables to control everything that is happening in a company. The platform offers out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft, Amazon web services, SharePoint, SNMP and other software.  Watch demo versions at

Methodologee. BPM tools list of Methodologee created for small businesses include process models, visual designer, templates for documentation and smart search. All procedures are easily managed anywhere, and from any device. Build on cloud technology, the software protects data, and any information may be exported in text format or HTML. Communication tools enable to share data with other team members for easy reference and collaboration. If you are ready to get started, visit

Comindware Tracker. Top BPM tools of Comindware Tracker ease documents workflow, sales processes, IT and approval workflow. Graphical builder allows users to design and roll out tasks creating necessary process steps and levels. Electronic forms designer deals with custom data fields and web forms. Automation tools increase workflow speed and company’s performance. The system may be synchronized with Outlook for more effective and convenient workload. Managers get real-time insight using analytic tools, tailor-made dashboards, automatic notifications and reports. Get things done faster with

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