Five Advantages of OEE

There are a wide range of reasons why OEE is utilised by companies all over the world as a powerful tool to continuously improve their companies. These benefits quickly add up and make this an important investment into the continuation of your company and into making it a leading power in its field and industry. No matter if you are a small company just starting out or a successful large company looking to push its success farther, you benefit from calling on the right company for OEE system installation.


ROI, or return on investment, is significantly increased whenever you take advantage of professional OEE systems. As a company, it is not uncommon for you to make large investments into machinery, equipment, tools, gear, and much more to get everything started and you need to receive the maximum return on your investment in the shortest possible time to ensure that those investments pay off in the end. The objective of OEE is precisely to make that happen by maximising the productivity of these processes and the subsequent investment return with the use of high implementation.


OEE is put in place to help you significantly reduce production losses and achieve greater competitiveness within your chosen industry, especially for those companies looking to take a proper foothold in the industry. For example, if you could make 100 pieces an hour with your production line but it is only producing 55 in the same span of time, the OEE will indicate not only that it is failing but why this is occurring. In this way, you can take action to increase the competitiveness of the company by reducing the amount of time and money needed to get more product out there to sell.


One of the biggest benefits of using the OEE system is that the performance of your machinery will increase rapidly over time from the first moment of implementation. The application of OEE is perfectly suited to both to implementing it to other machines already working and to obtaining the maximum performance from any new equipment and machinery in the production line. The faster you implement this type of system to your production factory, the faster you will see your ROI increased and much more, regardless of the human-to-machinery ratio into the facility.


The cost associated with products that are defective can quickly cause a huge economic loss to your company and this is true for companies all over the globe and in all industries. By combining a great OEE system with new and improved technology in your field, you can get more effective traceability systems that allow you to find the source of a decline in quality. Once you find the source, you can minimise repetition and defective products to generate huge, lasting cost savings that will not only allow you to place more money into the improvement of your company but will keep your profits as high as possible. The results will quickly add up, leaving you with a production line that can better handle a high workload.


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