How Does Make Search For PG Accommodations Easy is a real estate portal that allows end users to search for reliable property listings. The portal has invested in technology to come up with efficient operational services for data collection as well as comprehensive online tools which help end users find properties of their choice.

The portal also makes use of extensive data analysis to assess consumer demands and identify service gaps. Then there is technology implementation to improve the services and/or offer new ones. The portal is merely two and a half years old and it already offers an array of services which include search for different kinds of properties, home loans and rental services. The success of the efforts of the portal can be seen in its market value which has become an estimated Rs. 1500 crore in a matter of two and a half years since its inception.

There is a special section dedicated to PG accommodations and hostels. This section allows the end users to find verified listings of paying guest rooms and hostels in all prime cities of India.

What Makes the PG Search Easy? makes use of statistics and data analysis to understand the demands of end users. The portal has utilized these techniques to assess how potent the demand for PG accommodations is. The end results showed that it was large enough to dedicate an entire section to it. The search of these accommodations encompasses 11 prime cities of India. Twin cities are also included in these eleven. For example, in case of Hyderabad, Secunderabad is also in search limits. Hence one can search for PG in Secunderabad as well using this search feature.

The second step is to find what do the end users looking for PG accommodations and hostels want. Data analysis has revealed that locality also matters in this case. This is true in case a professional is seeking a PG. But even where students are concerned, location matters almost as much as the rental price.

After analyzing terabytes of data, the portal has identified tangible and quantifiable factors which matter in the decision related to selection. Hence when the agents of visit a PG or a hostel for verification, they gather all relevant information which allows an end user search for the accommodation with ease. There are verified photographs taken by these agents which are listed in the property details.

Searching for A PG

Assume the end user is looking for paying guest hostels in Secunderabad. A search reveals hostels in the map of the locality of Secunderabad. The end user gets to sort properties according to budget, availability(students, professionals), occupancy(single sharing), accommodations(PG, hostel), listed by(landlord, broker), food(veg, non-veg), meals and facilities. These search options have been identified as prime requirements of anyone searching for PG accommodations. Since all the information is proactively collected, the end user is able to zero in on the right property quickly.

The PG specs reveal house rules, amenities, payment requirements and even distance of amenities like parks, restaurants, bus stations etc. There is also the option to find the distance of any other place using custom search. The Lifestyle Index offers an additional insight that helps in selection.

In Conclusion offers all possible information to the end users when they search for properties. The portal verifies and lists them with details; leaving the final decision on the end user.

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