iPod 4 With Astonishing Features

Ideas are always roaming in minds; the need is to implement it. Proper execution of ideas will lead to dictate the success stories of the companies. Apple is one such leading company that has appropriately researched about the market’s needs and dig out the possible solution for satisfying the needs. They staff members of Apple bring ideas and implement it to provide the best solution to the world.

iPod has been launched several years ago. But, all the generations were lacking in the touch camera capability. iPod 5 has a touch camera that is of 720p and 1280 x 720 resolution. For the still photos, the resolution becomes 960 x 720. The camera specification is considerably lower than the iPhone 4. There is no flash in the camera and it is also fixed focus. However, the VGA camera is same as that of iPhones but it is still has fixed focus lens. The staffers of Apple have said that if they opt for providing the better camera features, the size of the device will increase. They are more concerned about providing the portable and least weight device.

The result of the camera is quite surprising and iPod 5 does not create any problem while capturing the HD content. The audio quality of iPod 5 is far less than that of iPod nano. But, still users must consider that they can use external speakers or headphones for enjoying the high quality music. Of course, they cannot throw their device just for the sake of listening high sound music. Most often, they will opt to use headphones for enjoying the songs.

Although, iPod 5 has smaller screen, yet its touch screen is far much better than other tablets and notebooks. The new Retina display, HD video shooting camera, A4 processor and other unremarkable features have made it a nice choice. iPod 5 offers the storage capacity of 8 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. Users can select the one according to their storage needs. The high storage capacity enables the users to download multiple games, songs, music albums, movies and other applications. This data can be downloaded from the iTunes or can be transformed from the PCs or MACs. The USB port in the iPod 5 allows the transformation of the data.

The users who already have smartphones with such features may not want to acquire the iPod 5. But, no one can deny acquiring such a portable multi feature device, if they do not have smartphones. The device is so much appealing that no one can dare to deny acquiring it in such affordable prices. The price of the iPod 5 is about $229 (with 8 GB storage space), $299 (with 32 GB storage space) and $399 (with 64 GB storage space). It is like buying a mini-computer with video camera and gaming console in massive ecosystem. Users are enjoying the features and they are highly satisfied with what they have achieved by getting the best iPod version. This small portable device is catering all the needs of the customers.

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