Know About DVD Marketing Business and Methodologies

# DVD and its Role

Compact Disc (CD) and Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) have always been significant in our life since time immemorial. These were believed to be the epitome of compact technology once upon a time. Though it might just feel a bit obsolete now, DVDs are still the most preferred storage device in the entertainment industry. All the major titles in movies, games, song albums, documentaries, tutorials etc. Primarily release on DVD.  It is highly cost-effective compared to alternate options available in the market and works out to be more economical for the releasing company.While there is no major difference in the usage of a CD and DVD, the storage capacity of the DVD is on the higher side compared to a CD which also accounts for the high definition detailing of the files stored on a DVD.

# Duplication Methodology

Most entertainment related companies initially release a master copy of the original work which is then made into copies to be sold through retail outlets. The master copy is the finalized version of the work that is production ready and is used as a template for making further copies to be sold. One might ponder upon the thought whether the copies sold in retail outlets are really genuine or is it just a way to dupe buyers! The truth or reality is that the copies we buy from retailers are 100% authentic and produced by the process of dvd duplication on large-scale machinery. This is basically the process of creating multiple copies of the original dvd to be sold to customers. Some of the reputed companies have an in-house production facility while others source out the whole process to professionals with the needed expertise i.e. Big production facilities.

# The Market behavior

People might think that it is an age old business and does not really fetch revenue, but on the flip side it is much healthier. Certain DVD releases are an instant hit with the masses and the demand grows with every passing day. Many a times, it is difficult to meet the demand due to lack of surplus supply. Sales are high and it is of utmost priority for the releasing company to retain the sales figure so they resort to outdoor dvd duplicators. The commercial houses have high capacity and can facilitate most production requirements. For an instance, a popular title of a game, movie, music etc. May move very fast from the shelves and the customers can be really disappointed in not getting a copy – this can result in a negative image of the company.

# Challenges Faced

The scope can be high, but the market, as it is, faces certain unavoidable risks. The major risk involved is Piracy – It is inherent to the whole process as the state itself is lending the original.

A copy of the third party. Chances are, the original work can be replicated and copied for selling in the black market at unbelievable lower prices. This has other radical effects too viz. Originality degrading, market value decreasing etc. DVD duplication with a third party should be solely based on the pillars of trust. The dealings should be clean and transparent to avoid any lawful complications in the future.

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