Lenovo S850: Mid-Range From Lenovo

If you are looking for mid range 5 inches smartphone running Android then your search could end at the solution from Lenovo S850. It has 720p display and performance processor.

As of the camera, S850 has 13MP camera and the best shots are obtained in good light, otherwise all very average. For night shooting capabilities the device is not enough, but for viewing on the phone’s quality is enough. In the settings there are additional scenarios of photography. In addition to panoramic shooting all of them basically useless, because in 95% of cases it is sufficient fully automatic mode. Now, about the video recording, the device is able to shoot video in Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) at 30 frames per second. File Format 3GP, so something supernatural is not worth waiting.

The external speaker is very loud like any good smartphone. In a quiet room set maximum volume call can even unpleasant “hit on the ears.” Miss a call even in a noisy street will not succeed. This, by the way, promotes good location speaker on the side of the smartphone. Which manufacturer makes little work for you and install the speaker in a conventionally right place? Usually it is the battery cover and sound when lying on the back of the back of the phone considerably muted. In general, bravo, Lenovo!

As for the sound through headphones (third-party), then it’s all good. At the level of any other modern smartphone, the phone can be used as MP3-player. Interestingly, the default is a whole bunch of preinstalled any unnecessary applications. Starting from some managers to transfer anything and everything, ending with a set of software for social networks.

Finally managed to find a weak spot in the smartphone. We were beginning to think that the guys from Lenovo managed to create an ideal device. But no! The smartphone has a removable battery capacity of 2150 mAh. For the integrated iron and display seemingly more than enough so that the machine could work out is guaranteed for two days without recharging. It’s not so.

With the active use of the smartphone (three hours of screen, 2 hours surfing the Internet via Wi-Fi, a constant background notification from the network (HSPA)) it will live till night. If there is a passion for mobile gaming (without fanaticism), then get ready for the fact that the device has to sit in the evening.

Instead of the usual under “Battery” is present here the firmware application Power Manager, which monitors and controls the power. From here you can activate the eco mode energy consumption (limit background applications), or go to the extreme scenarios savings when from the available options will be only phone calls, sms and alarm clock.

So, finally Lenovo S850 turned to be a good device. As it is the affordable solution, it is not that powerful device but Lenovo is planning to launch a phablet comparable to the Samsung Note 5.

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