The Sony VAIO VP-YB15KX/S costs $599.99, a just price for a machine of this caliber. The YB15KX/S is a netbook, the type of computer built for those minimalist users who prize durability and mobility above all else. True to the netbook type, the YB15KX/S offers a plethora of features and parameters that make it an intriguing new device among its competition.

With a screen stretching a whopping 11.6 inches from corner to corner, the YB15KX/S appears larger than a normal netbook. Indeed, it is a larger machine, primarily due to Sony’s decision to offer netbook users a regular-sized keyboard which is much more comfortable to use than the smaller versions developed for netbooks. Overall, the plastic body of the YB15KX/S measures 1.25×11.43×7.99 inches. The body is plastic, but it looks rather metallic, a style feature that users will appreciate.

The YB15KX/S comes in at 3.2 pounds, remarkably light for toting the size screen it has. Netbooks are traditionally light, since they were developed with mobility in mind. The YB15KX/S lives up to the legacy netbooks have been creating over the years.

Its 500 gigabyte hard drive runs on 5,400 rpm. The 1.6 gigahertz dual-core AMD E-350 processor that the computer employs is new in the line of that company’s processors. Its functionality combines the video graphics card into the processor itself, which not only syncs operations, but liberates the individual processors from their traditional isolation. It allows for higher quality processing in general.

The battery is a 6 cell 54 watt beast. The rechargeable battery can power the YB15KX/S for up to 8 hours depending on what type of media a user is employing. Finding different media by navigating the interface is pleasant with the fricative hand rests and flush glass touch pad.

The YB15KX/S can run 720p video, which makes this netbook ideal for streaming media. The built-in webcam is easily accessible and offers an average crisp image. Users can make videos and upload them to YouTube; they just have to manually turn on the 802.11 Wi-Fi. Otherwise, the webcam makes Skype, one of the programs included in the stock YB15KX/S, immediately usable. Other programs included with the YB15KX/S are Evernote and a trial edition of Microsoft Office, the imperative universal software.

Users will find a healthy amount of ports and inputs on Sony’s YB15KX/S. It includes three USB 2.0 inputs, a VGA, HDMI, headphone and microphone inputs. There is even an SD slot and a dedicated Sony memory stick slot.

Sony’s YB15KX/S is a righteous machine with a wicked set of features and precise functionality. Users will not be regretting this buy.

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