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An Insight into What 9apps Has To Offer


An insight into Android market would reveal it is owned by Alibaba group with nearly 100 million users worldwide. Though the Android market emerged in 2013, within a short span of time it has gone on to gain immense popularity. When you opt for 9apps Apk download you will find that the app is tiny in size with 4 MB space and it is not going to occupy a lot of space on your device.

The main reason for the formulation of this app was a viable alternative to Google play store and provides it completely free of charge. Though you might have to shell out some amount of money to download apps from Google play store the same cannot be termed with 9apps. The user interface is easy and the design aspect deserves a special mention. There is a separate section for games, entertainment etc.

The same logic exists in the process of searching for games or other apps. Once you start using the app, you will figure out how smooth the functioning of the app is. But in order to download it on your Android device you need to have a version of 4.0 or higher on your operating system. If you end up downloading the lower versions compatibility issues might spring up that can take a toll on its functioning.

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The prominent features of 9apps

  • You can download Android apps of your choice. In the app there are thousands of categories along with sub categories for your easy reference
  • Games, films and videos are all listed in the app. As an user this app is a one stop solution for your needs
  • A complete sense of security is provided to the users. This app has taken special care so as to protect the safety of the users as no form of personal information makes its way out.
  • Is compatible with all android devices that is 3.0 and above. As per figures available nearly 80 % of Android users are opting for Lollipop, kitkat or other versions. Because of this it cannot be an issue
  • Various filters are in place for searching anything on the app. This does make it easier for searching anything on the app. This works out to be really helpful when an user is not aware on what to choose or even is not aware of the name of the app
  • Presence of APK files. No other app store will provide you with various APK files
  • A massive collection of ringtones or wallpapers. You can download them as many times as you want without having to shell out a single penny. This is one of the interesting features of this app
  • The app goes on to rely on advanced technology providing a unique experience to the users
  • The process to download and install of the app is relatively easy. All it is going to take is a few clicks.

Last but the most important pointer is that the app is light in weight and consumes less space.

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