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Benefits of Video on Demand (VOD) over Traditional TV

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Are you old enough to recall those days when you had to adjust your schedule around your favorite TV programs and movies? Or those times when you had to rent out a movie VCR from the local video store and had to make a mental note to return it on the due date failing which you had to pay a fine for the late return. If you were part of this era and recall such instances, then this is a must-read blog for you to know why video on demand is growing in popularity. So let’s get straight to what VOD is and the benefits of VOD over traditional TV.


Accessing on-demand movies and TV shows over the internet is only a fraction of what you would pay to your cable TV provider. Most notably, you can enjoy online shows using the Sony smart TV. On the other hand Cable TV lets you watch all the content you need if you choose a premium package however same media content can be watched at a much lower price via Video on Demand.


Currently VOD is delivered by streaming service providers like Netflix and Amazon Prime where you can choose videos that are included in the catalog and watch them whenever you want, wherever you want and as often as you want. Also unlike traditional TV operators that bind you with long term contracts which are not easy to break away from, VOD streaming services don’t have any such contractual obligation. So you are free to discontinue your subscription at any point of time at the click of a button. Also, you can subscribe to more than one VOD service at a time since all these different subscriptions put together may still cost you lower than a cable or satellite TV bill which keeps incrementing every year.


Wide variety of television shows and movies are provided by VOD service providers that let you access hundreds and thousands of different types of movies and shows that include news, sports, classic TV, entire TV series and movies from different decades. Originally video on demand offered access to movies however newer technologies and high speed broadband internet let you have access to a diverse array of content that includes the ability to view content from other countries and other special interest content. Hence video on demand is so popular.


The convenience of being able to watch videos from anywhere, at any time and how many ever times you want to watch. It also offers the convenience of being able to stream on a wide assortment of devices right from your HDTV or PC to mobile devices like your iPad or even your smartphone. You can get the devices on Micromax which happens to be a one stop shop for Electronics including TVS, DVD players, Sound systems and mobile devices.

With digitalization and onset of Video on Demand Services, cord cutting is on the rise as many people are making the switch to OTT streaming services to stream their preferred TV shows and movies at their preferred time, whenever they want to and wherever they want to stream.


The benefits of video on demand over traditional TV are obviously music to the ears of many viewers around the world. Do not be left out!


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