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Sipotek is one of the leading visual inspection system manufacturers in China. Sipotek was established in 2002 to meet all the demands regarding visual inspection. The company has specialized in producing and researching top quality CCD visual inspection machines. R & D department of the company plays a huge part in successful production of visual inspection machines as the department has a great experience in artificial vision technologies. The company provides all kinds of support to the customers, from developing products to quality control and maintenance. The R & D department is always ready for taking up new challenges that are thrown by the market; the technicians and engineers are always engaged in development and research of new software and hardware visual inspection machines. The team of Sipotek studies different solutions for producing reliable and top quality machines. After this, now I will briefly discuss about the best products that are offered by Sipotek.

Automated Optical Inspection Machine for Die Cutting Products

This is an optical inspection machine from SP-600 series. It offers dedicated die cutting and also acts as a coil testing platform. The main function of this machine is to detect any kind of raised edge, position offset, angle and leakage. The machine has a wide scope of application; it can be used for different kinds of die cutting, pot chip, label size. It can be also used for cutting, printing coil of width not more than 15mm. It has a high detection accuracy that can reach up to 0.25 mm. It provides a detection efficiency of 300 – 1000 CM/ min.

CCD Visual Inspection for Appearance

This is a user friendly visual inspection machine made by Sipotek. It can detect any kind of indicators very quickly, up to 400 to 1200 detections per minute. It has special vibration disc feeding mechanism which is a very advanced technology and makes the machine more efficient. The main function of CCD is inspection of height, diameter, length, mixing, deformation, burr, black spot, scratch and many other indicators. This machine is suitable for testing mobile accessories, rubber rings, aluminum, stainless steel and many other devices. It offers a very high accuracy which is up to 1 mu. The detection speed of this machine can reach up to 1200 branches in a single minute so it is very efficient.

Full- size Precision Testing Equipment

The equipment uses dynamic data acquisition algorithms and image analysis to perform its task; it is a very advanced technology and method which is used to make the detections. The equipment can detect the appearance and size of back and front of the hardware of a mobile phone. It offers a detection accuracy of more than 0.007 mm and the detection speed can reach 1600 detections per hour. It can be upgraded to 3D visual detection and can be used to detect branches on testable glasses, stainless steel aluminum and many other materials.

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