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Concierge software for hotels: what are the benefits?

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One of the best tools a hotelier can use to optimize the inner workings of their hotels is hotel management software. With such a tool, hotel managers can get access to a wide variety of analytic tools, as well as a front-desk system, online booking platform, and many more. One of the more interesting features of an HMS is concierge software; what are its benefits? Let’s find out!

What is concierge software?

With a virtual concierge software, you can automate a wide variety of guest-interaction tasks, including a contactless online check-in, instant feedback requests, as well as cross-selling of additional services. These are only some of the functions a professional concierge software might have!

Concierge software might also send tips and recommendations to your guests, providing them with useful insight into your hotel and local activities and attractions. Whatever your guests might be looking for to make their stay more enjoyable – concierge software will help them find it!

Increase customer satisfaction with concierge software

A satisfied customer is a customer that will more likely consider using your services again in the future. Customer satisfaction is also a huge factor when deciding to upgrade from standard service to premium service. concierge software for hotels can improve your guest’s satisfaction by giving them a wide variety of tools available from their smartphones!

While this may sound surprising to beginner hoteliers, customer satisfaction isn’t fully dependent on you and your hotel. Sometimes, guests will return dissatisfied and frustrated with their hotel because they did not have fun on their trip, or they did not find any interesting places to visit. Concierge recommendations can keep your guests happy during and after your trip, promoting not only your hotel, but also the whole local area!

Improve your revenue with SabeeApp concierge software for hotels

SabeeApp is a professional hotel management software, designed to optimize and streamline many of the processes that go on daily in a hotel. Apart from an extensive concierge software, which includes such features as reservation and expenses overview, smart lock integration, and more, we also offer a Front-Desk System, Channel Manager, Internet Booking Engine, Payment Gateway, Guest Advisor Tools, and many more great features!

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