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Know more about 9apps and its usage


What is 9Apps?

9Apps is an android-based application program that comes with a server stored with a variety of android apps and games, free and easy to download. It is categorized as a third-party software that lets you access different servers to get what you need. It has a smooth and easy user experience thanks to its light weight and efficiently categorized menu.

Why choose 9Apps?

There are several reasons on why to choose 9Apps. These are: –

  • Light weight app that doesn’t need high CPU or RAM usage.
  • Simple and Easy User Interface.
  • Fast and secure downloads.
  • Unlimited portal of resources like games, apps, music, wallpapers and more.
  • Supported with all android versions.
  • Regular updates for improving interface and bugs fixes.

How to download 9Apps?

Since 9Apps is not available in the Google Playstore, you need to check out the 9Apps official site for downloading the latest .apk for 9Apps download. Go to and then proceed to the download page to get the required file. After downloading the apk file, you need to follow the below instructions.

  • First check through Settings and ensure that apps can be installed from unknown sources or not. If Yes, then its fine to proceed, if not then please tick-mark the ‘Install from unknown sources’ option. 
  • Open the .apk file and run it.
  • Let the installation occur. When finished click ‘Open’.
  • Explore through the portals and Click the ‘Download’ arrow button to get the app.

Are the apps listed over 9Apps 100% virus-free and safe to download?

Yes, 9Apps moderators always check their servers and ensure a 100% virus free and safe to download content.  All its apps and items go through a series of scans and tests for any virus or malicious behavior and is released onto the server for user downloads only if they pass these tests. 

Which devices or platforms are compatible with the 9Apps application?

9Apps is an android based software and it runs only on the android OS. It supports all android versions ranging from 3.0 to the latest. It doesn’t support iOS or Windows at all, though there maybe hoax news about it but 9Apps download is not possible at all in other platforms due to OS restrictions and other things.

Why is 9Apps not available on the Playstore?

Since Playstore itself is an app store, keeping another app which is also similar to it would just get into the competition, so Playstore doesn’t allow apps like these on it. Plus, 9Apps is a third-party application so it is not allowed on the Playstore due to certain terms and restrictions.

So 9Apps is worth the download or not?

According to popular reviews be it worldwide or inside the Indian region of activity. With a download of over a million+, 9Apps has gained quite the positive reviews amongst its major users. It has performed well enough in all its time serving their users with whatever they need. With easy and smooth access to a variety of apps categorically in the server, users found no problem in fulfilling their app requirements. 

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