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Vidmate is the perfect download manager for people looking for an app to download videos from the internet. The source of video could vary from Facebook, Tumblr, Daily Motion, Vimeo and many more. It includes about 20 plus such sources and also allows adding other source platforms.

The main features of Vidmate include:

  • Downloading files and videos fromany internet source in the preferred format and resolution
  • Installing apps, some of these are not even available on Play Store as well.
  • Surfing through popular videos, movies and media.

What are the versions and suitable devices?

  • Version 3.38 is the last released version of Vidmate download.
  • The 3.38 is the recent version for downloading. It works on all Windows versions above 7 and Android devices. It offers content to be downloaded in different resolutions (144p, 360p, and 720p) and different formats of audio and video like Mp3, Mp4. The various videos found on various sites like YouTube offer viewing these videos offline or away from Internet Connection but these don’t offer to let a user download video. It is the app that lets you watch the video in the downloaded form on your phone. It is a kind of video downloader tool and has become a popular way to collect music, video or audio.
  • Vidmate download simply allows downloading a video in the resolution one needs and also offers to download it in audio format. Vidmate automatically detects the various resolutions offered by sites like YouTube and gets the user to choose their preferred one. The app is free to use and gives a premium and handy interface for an easy interface.

What are the advantages of using Vidmate?

It can be considered as an all-rounder media downloader that makes the online media content within the reach of users. It is compatible with over 1000 websites. The download process isn’t any complex as it has a very organized interface where one can get what they need in just a click.

The main advantage of Vidmate is its flexibility and convenience. It allows the user to downloaded files in the format they wish. It could be MP3 or MP4. There is no longer a need for a third-party app acting for conversion. It ensures quality in media download along with any delay in speed.

What are the various features?

  • Full Movie Download: Latest movies can be easily found and downloaded in different quality and formats.
  • High-Quality Music Download: It supports for about 500,000 high-quality songs which covers all genres from Hollywood, Bollywood and other languages.
  • HD Video: The videos can be searched, viewed and downloaded from hundreds of video sited.
  • Recommended TV shows: The famous TV shows streaming on various channels can be downloaded too.
  • Download Technology: Multiple downloads can be managed together with download resume and stability facility.
  • Live TV Channels: The various channels can be viewed including live shows and matches.

Where to find Videos?

The various videos can be found using the in-built search tool provided. The videos can also be looked in the suggestions provided by the app. The suggestion is based on the type of videos watched or the popularity of videos. The videos can be also be found by looking into various categorizations provided by the app.

Vidmate is the download solution for downloading any media over the internet. It is simple, handy and most of all it offers all the services free of cost. Ranging from watching videos downloading any media file or getting an app it is the ultimate package.

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