Using a Linen Hire Service to Benefit Your Business


Professional linen services are being used in many industries, including hospitality and health. It might not be a business that most people think about day to day, but a fresh linen service can greatly benefit your business and enhance your reputation with your customers.

The Benefits of Using a Linen Service

If you own a restaurant, you likely go through plenty of linen in a single day of business. But think about how much linen a hotel goes through, or even a hospital. For their operation, outsourcing linen cleaning is essential. But what are the major benefits of using a linen hire service? Consider the following:

  • Presenting fresh and clean linen is essential to the customer’s perception. Imagine that you walk into a hotel room and find dirty stains and marks on the bedsheets. Would you really want to stay for even one night? For bedsits and bed and breakfast businesses that launder their own linen, this may indeed be a constant source of struggle and concern, but by hiring and using a professional linen cleaning and delivery service, you can be sure that your customers will have the best perception of your cleanliness and hygiene. After all, no person staying in a hotel ever wants to think that someone else has ever slept in the same bed, so why not always guarantee a fresh supply of clean linen that looks, feels and smells great?
  • Just as hygiene is essential to a hotelier and a restaurateur, clean and sanitary linen is essential in a health setting. A reputable linen service will use the latest cleaning, sanitation and deodorising technology to make sure that all linen is as germ-free as possible. Just as no one wants to come out of a café or restaurant with gastro, infection in a health setting due to unsanitary linen is risking life and death.

Service in Style

If you only associate linen services with functional and rustic sheets that are not especially attractive, then you’d be surprised at how things have changed in the industry. Many linen services offer a variety of attractively styled pillow cases and bed sheets to suit a wide range of décors.

As a hotelier, you can choose a style that suits your business offering and will please your customers and clients. You’ll have a choice of patterned towels and bathroom and sheet sets that will look right at home in your establishment. Likewise, if you own and run a restaurant, you can choose from a variety of colours and styles of table linen to suit the décor and design of your restaurant. You may also find that they offer items such as chef’s jackets and other kitchen uniforms.

It might also surprise you to know that such services also offer reliable door to door delivery, so you can get on with business without having to worry. A variety of contracts and packages are available to suit the way you do business and to meet your demands.


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