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Wireless technology of video cameras

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The cameras fixed frequency is transmitted continuously and unsafe, it has blocked the signal and quickly receives a receiver 2.4 GHz device, browser or thief only a receiver and surroundings with displays within your home. Anyone can see the vehicle. If you have one of these systems installed, the thief may be watching you now.

In 1997, Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEE) established the first double standard 802.11. Use the original Mileage 802.11 2.4 GHz frequency to allow for the reliable transfer of 2 Mbps bandwidth. In 1999, the measure was upgraded to 802.11b, which supports up to 11 MMhs compared to the lower Ethernet connectivity speeds.

The 802.11 protocol program works entirely in channels by 2.4 GHz frequency band and switches between them during the broadcast. When you send a signal, you send a data packet on a frequency and then send it to the next channel and send another package and do so until all the data packets are transmitted.

In 2003, Valen items started supporting a new 2.4 GHz wireless standard with 802.11 gm which supports 108 Mbps data bandwidth. Ultimately the final wireless video camera broadcast has reached reliable, reliable and safe.

802.11G uses two-way best video camera signals that support rotation/tilt/ zoom function and presets in many new cameras. The use of digital signals is a two-directional (two-directional), which is in contrast to the pure two-way binary signal used in the analog-type systems.

Because 802.11 GHz uses up to 2.4 GHz barber band, the interference is, and the length of the broadcast band can be expected. If the frequency zone is noise, it will establish signals by sending small packets and all packages in the area affected by the noisy area of ​​the germs/receivers in the no-affected area. The IP wireless video camera system will provide approximately equivalent performance of the professional wired network with 150 to 200 feet of reliable transmission rays.

If the camera is 200 feet away, there are directional antennas that can be up to 600 feet or more. If more than 600 feet is needed, the long-range continuous system can increase the distance up to several miles by distance from the point of view. With the help of a camera stand or a 3-point slinger, you can capture amazing clips. Buy the best slinger here bestcameraworld.com/3-point-slinger-for-camera.

In addition to standard 64/128-bit WEP protection, 802.11 grot protocol allows encryption of data packets using a 40-bit RCA key. When integrating with full security in DSSS, data signals are at least safe such as transmitted data over a wired network.


802.11g Protocol Wireless Camera supports a large number of access control accesses in the medium or MAC layer, CSMA / CA or career feeling has been referred to several approaches/collisions. Avoid the use of collision signal CTs in 802.11g / RTS (send for free send-ready for sending). Each video camera in the system, which is correct when sending or receiving data To get started, avoid interference.

Anyone can add an IP camera for wired or install on the same display and using the same algorithm codec (coding-decoding) in the recording software system.

The IP address system can be viewed or recorded from a computer well-prepared anywhere in the world. It allows you to control your property and be free to move anywhere on the planet. Also, if you decide to transfer your recording device to a different location, then get it and run it no wires to redirect.

One of the many video signal processing flows that you have to remember one thing published on the system based on the IP protocol without a video multi-camera has put a significant burden on the computer’s CPU work.

Hard drive system video capture cards have been installed on your computer / DVR. Because these cards are stuck in the half-process load of the computer’s CPU, the video system allows the wireless IP to capture these plates, and you deal with 100% of the burden of processing tasks of your computer’s CPUs (CPUs) Is needed. This means that whenever you add wireless system, the total frame rate or that can be seen and the full images of the dates per second will be reduced due to the increased load.

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