All the Information And Updates About NASDAQ AMZN


All the Information And Updates About NASDAQ AMZN

As it is rightly said, it is good to know everything about shares and the stock market. This is done to know about the investment made and decide further that it is good to invest in it or should an individual stop putting money on the particular stock. One stock is NASDAQ: AMZN at It is the share ticker name for Amazon. The company was incorporated in Washington in 1994, and then in 1996, it was reincorporated in Delaware. It has the main corporate office in Seattle. It is believed to be a company which the most customer-centric on Earth.

Some facts about the share 

The common stock of Amazon is listed on NASDAQ Global Select with the name NASDAQ: AMZN. The CEO of the company is Andrews R. Jassy, while Jeff Bezos is the President and the founding chairman. The stock is of the Consumer Services sector under the category distribution industry. The value of the outstanding public shares of the company is $1594036234239. The usual one-year target of the share is $3650.00. The monthly beta is valued at 1. The P/E ratio and the forward P/E of 1 year are 122.35 and 99.45, respectively.

The EPS or the Earnings Per Share is $26.01. On the other hand, the date of Ex-Dividend and pay date of dividend is not mentioned from the company’s end. The share volume is 2691237, and the AverageVolumeLabel is 4829206. The share last opened at $3173.12 and closed at $3149.32 as per the current record. The high and low of share for the day is measured as $3194.97 and $3154.18. The company’s total turnover has not been mentioned in the financial records presented by the officials. The 52 weeks high and low is $3344.29 and 1626.03, respectively.

Some news about the share

The founder Bezos has now announced to invest about $30.7 trillion as per the on-going trend in collaboration with the superpowers of hedge fund-like BlackRock as well as Goldman Sachs trying to form an ESG platform. The investment supplies of ESG are very hard to sense, but at the same time, there is huge money that could come in the future, which could even create a bigger impact. This trillionaire trend can also be useful in further eliminating the checkout line system, which would be very beneficial.

Thus, NASDAQ: AMZN is recommended as a 34% strong buy, and 56% buy while there is a small fraction of 8$ who advice to keep the share on hold. No one recommends selling the share as it is expected to go up in the coming times. The stock price target is 3630.41, with higher and lower estimates as $4200 and 2525. You can check more stock news at the stock premarket.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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