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Guide To iSeries Cloud Hosting

Guide To iSeries Cloud Hosting
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There are many things produced by technology, it keeps gives product and services simpler and easier as well. One of the product is the iSeries Cloud Hosting, this allows an individual to “rent space” on a First Option IBM (iSeries) Power System and determine the level of service that suits every business requirements.

Today, many IT providers have started offering iSeries Cloud Hosting Services but not all iSeries Cloud hosting providers are identical. What performs First Option different is that the software provider as well and have a vital partnership with MindSHIFT to guarantee customers have the best data center environment and 24×7 support 365 days per year.

iSeries Cloud Hosting Services

Helpdesk Services: this helps to maintain User Profiles and Maintenance, Printer assignment, and restarts, Choose locked up and runaway jobs. Another is IBM PTF’s (fixes), Nightly backups, Verification of backups.

Operational Services – Performed several times daily. Rules are up and operational. No problems reported from peripherals and Error Disclosure. Another is Disk functionality utilization. and Problem decisions, resolutions, and escalations.

Archival Services. For a small monthly fee, some will host individual legacy data on the Power System and also it will help to allow three passwords so that an individual can access their data at any time and anywhere. Another is the Data will be collected and secure data center.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery. Leveraging partnership with MindSHIFT, First Option allows cloud-based IBM disaster recovery. It uses a shared environment for a fixed monthly fee, this service gives access to a recovery site in case of a certified disaster. Another is to manage RTO at minimal Cost.

What iSeries Cloud Hosting Can Do To Your Business

To help every business owners respond to their increasing infrastructure needs, the power of IBM and combining with the iSeries Cloud Hosting is now delivered in a cloud model through the IBM Cloud Managed Services for IBM contribution. It assists to provide a business owner with a multi-tenant, scalable, security-rich and fully controlled IBM environment, addressed through an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud consumption model.

  1. Decrease operational expense. An individual can optimize the OPEX-provisioned Cloud Managed Services for IBM distributed infrastructure to reduce business owners capital expenditure while giving an up-to-date environment.
  2. Resolve every infrastructure skills gap. A business owner can rely on IBM iSeries Cloud Hosting resources to manage their infrastructure. This solution also supports to resolve its infrastructure skills gap and gives the ability to refocus skills on application modernization.
  3. Secure business. The business owner can secure their business with the high-availability opportunity to produce an environment with a less than two-hour recovery point goal, decreasing the impact of the prolonged interruption.


The best thing about this series of cloud hosting is the fact that a lot of business today needs this kind of program. This will allow every business and company to work accurately while saving time and money as well.

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