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Everything you need to know regarding Google Customer Reviews

Everything you need to know regarding Google Customer Reviews

What are reviews?

The first thing which everyone needs to understand is what are Google customer reviews? Google Customer Review is a free service that Google runs. This type of service allows digital businesses to gather responses from their clients who visit their site to buy something.

The client responses are then combined and shown on Google as a portion of their rating.

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How Google reviews work?

The procedure of Google Customer Review functions within 3 steps, which are:

  • GCR runs by asking the clients to participate in a survey regarding their experience while checking out the website.
  • After that, Google transfers the survey on or just about the delivery date, letting the clients review their whole buying experience. Extra coding can be introduced for gathering responses for certain products. A 1 to 5 star rating and a space for commenting are there in the survey.
  • Google then combines all the ratings to build star ratings for the business. The ratings are presented in both paid and organic search results. The collected responses would be displayed in the Merchant Center as well to scrutinize.

What are the perks of Google Customer Reviews?

Collecting client responses can yield several perks to the business. Below are some of them:

  1. There is only one way to get you Google Seller Ratings without paying anything for gathering with a Google Licensed Review Partner is Google Customer Reviews.
  2. The responses gathered via GCR count to the Google Seller Ratings (stars displayed under your business in Google Ads). The conversion rate can be augmented spectacularly with the help of Google Seller Ratings. The clients will view you as a consistent and responsible seller. Consequently, you can watch your Pay Per Click spend diminished by up to 17 percent. You need to gather a minimum of 100 feedbacks per country within 12 months to qualify for Google Seller Ratings. Furthermore, you must hold an average star rating of a minimum of 3.5.

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Summing up

We reckon that now you have got familiar with what is Google Customer Reviews and how they work. If you need services such as search engine optimization, search for an authentic SEO Company in Atlanta.

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