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How does a Website appear in SERP with the help of SEO?

Website appear in SERP with the help of SEO

If you have any interest in digital marketing and want to promote your business over the internet, you have surely heard of SEO. But what is the meaning of this acronym? Why is she so cited when we talk about marketing in the online world? We will help you respond to these questions in this post. Thus, it will be much easier to understand the importance of SEO for your company. Read on to find out more!

In order to achieve good organic rankings, it must be taken into account that Google has some criteria that will define the importance and ranking of sites to be displayed among the most relevant ones in SERP, during an internet search.

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First, to understand what is meant by SERP, let us make a brief explanation. SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page (translated as search engine results page). Basically, as the name suggests, it is the page where all the results of the searches made on Google are displayed, therefore, being in the SERP ranking means that your SEO strategies are on the right track and your venture is with a greater reach.

This optimization then works as a technique to boost a website or page. This is because Google orders the results of any search by evaluating the options that are most relevant to the user, that is, sites that fit more into what the algorithm looks for usually receive better positions on the results pages.

The consequence of this is a great influence on the amount of visits and organic traffic that these sites receive. After all, most users, when doing a search on Google and other platforms, do not look at the links beyond the first page of results. Therefore, if your site does not apply SEO standards in its structure and content, it will probably get a bad ranking, which greatly affects its reach.

Therefore, it is clear, then, that the importance of SEO for a company has to do with the relationship of that company with the search engines. Working with optimization standards, therefore, is a way to create a more solid presence on the internet and attract more users and customers to your website. And it can only be possible if you hire the best SEO Company in Chandigarh which can perform these tasks:

  • The SEO company must define keywords according to the theme of each content and the branch in which it operates. It must know your persona well to be able to deduce the way they would type their searches and use tools that will help you select the best keywords.
  • If they update your site with articles, they must use transition words. The readability of content is measured by SEO through the amount of transition words according to the size of the text, as this will instinctively imply a better reading experience for users.
  • The SEO Company in Chandigarh must optimize content titles. Use keywords in them and, throughout the text, and organize them in Title 1, Title 2, Title 3 and Subtitles.
  • It must make sure that the version of your site is compatible with mobile devices, as nowadays, the use of mobile phones and tablets is constantly growing and Google will evaluate what content can be accessed through these devices.
  • Monitor the results that your SEO strategy is producing. See if the number of accesses is increasing, if the capture of new leads is possible and, of course, if what you produce is reaching SERP, so that you can direct your strategy more clearly and objectively.
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