More Heineken Product Choices

Heineken Product Choices

Heineken is one of the mostrecognisable names in the world. In the 152 years since the company was founded, the international corporation based in Amsterdam has grown to become the third-largest entity in the brewery industry. When Gerard Heineken purchased an existing business, it did not take long for him to change the fermentation process dramatically.

He started using bottom-fermenting yeast and eventually changed the name. After opening a second brewery in Rotterdam, the business was on its way to worldwide success. Management stayed with the family for more than 100 years, and the company eventually expanded into Mexico and beyond. The healthy growth of Heineken brought this premium brew to nearly every part of the world. The multi-national corporation now has a presence in about 70 countries.

Expanding, Expanding

This aggressive and efficient growth has led to customers finding large size Heineken beer available in Singapore. With the expansion of retail markets in this country, this product will be available at hundreds of locations. The company also offers dozens of brands, acquiring such well-known beer names as Dos Equis, Starobrno, and Zagorka. The international brands of Strongbow and Newcastle Brown Ale are also under the Heineken banner.

The retail food economy in Singapore is a $10 billion industry, according to figures from 2014. Steady growth has been the norm in the past six years. Supermarkets alone have generated almost half of the total revenue, a fact that seems inviting to such major companies as Heineken. One of the key changes noted by several groups that study this field closely is the decline of more traditional selling methods in favour of the larger supermarket.

Heineken Is Not Alone

The beer giant made a major move into this region about four years ago, with its bid on the brewery producing the Tiger brand. As industry watchers stated then, this was similar to activity from a number of larger corporations that were trying to become involved in the growing economy. The population is quite young, and a middle class with some discretionary income is growing.

Some observers write that, in the first years of the new century, Southeast Asia and the surrounding region enjoyed economic growth as strong as any part of the globe. Construction of infrastructure moved quickly to keep up. Some retail supermarket companies serve more than 400,000 shoppers every day, with hundreds of retail sites throughout Singapore.

During this amazing growth, company owners have made an effort to stay true to traditional values, while still meeting the changing needs of the customer in the 21st-century economy. Heineken became formally involved with a 2013 joint venture that resulted in the creation of Heineken Asia Pacific. The corporation oversees dozens of breweries in 14 countries in the region. This has been quite profitable for the beer giant and has helped both nationwide and local retail markets expand their Heineken options. The company’s pale lager with 5% alcohol content remains one of the largest sellers in the stable. Now, with the larger portions available, sales may continue to grow.


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