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Phone Light Wants Us To Return To Our Origins In The World Of Mobile Telephone

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Advances in mobile telephony have been rapid and impressive, we have a phone to make and receive calls to have devices that are able to fill-in some training every need of our daily lives. Most comfortable with this reality, the delegate tasks to your smartphone and that keep us connected to the world 24 hours a day, but many have seen as the dependence on smartphones was transformed into a delicate subject, many can no longer or sleep well because if there is a notification is an email, and if not an email is a Facebook notification, and so the whole day.

It is not the first time I hear someone claiming that these cell strange that only served to make and receive calls, times where everything was less social networks and more talking to people, and these people have thought the creators of the Light Phone.

The Light Phone is a phone that will not have any additional function beyond the ability to make calls, so it will not be possible to check email, browse the Web or play a game of Candy Crush on the subway. The objective pursued by the creators of this terminal is to provide a device that keeps us from any kind of distraction. Thus, only it is possible to make calls, and incoming calls are disabled by default.

However, the team behind Light Phone offers the ability to configure the forwarding calls from certain numbers to the phone number of your Light Phone, which will be done through an application installed on your usual smartphone application. Given the main objective to avoid any hassles, the terminal will not have to alert ringtones for incoming calls, but will only emit a white light.


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