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Options for Internet Access and WANs & Metro-Ethernet, MPLS, and SDN WAN

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There are Many Options for Internet Access and WANs

Business owners are often unaware of the many bandwidth providers who can serve their locations. For WAN and Internet options, there are hundreds of Telecom companies and Cable companies serving the USA. Each of these IP bandwidth providers has many options.

How can you best determine the best option for your needs? You could call many providers, starting with those who spend the most on advertising that you’ve seen, and sort through their offerings. Or, you could save a lot of time by using Persimmon Telecommunications, considered by many to be their Trusted Advisor on network and Internet bandwidth and on voice services. Persimmon Telecommunications uses patented software, the first of its kind, to go against Cable Company and Telecommunications carrier data bases to determine which providers serve your location(s). You are then given options from the providers who can best satisfy your technical needs and budget.

For some simple needs, e.g. Internet access, options are often available within minutes from the automated systems. For other needs, e.g. Metro-Ethernet, MPLS, or SDN WAN, a consultant and team will work with you to understand your needs and to present applicable options.


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