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Samsung Galaxy S7 And Galaxy S6: Release Date Possibilities

Galaxy S6


According to the company official website, you could expect the launching date of galaxy S6 in the year of 2015. It may contain outstanding design and structure, in the company, you could see more technicians they are highly experienced personally and they are good professional, they could give marvelous design of galaxy S7. The date will announced in the 2015 and you may welcome this Galaxy S7 in the month of January in 2016. This is the latest updating of Galaxy S7 in the smart phone. You may expect the details about the releasing date of galaxy S7 in the year of 2015 December but this not confirmed. The annual profit of the company would depend on launching the smart phones in every year.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 has some of specification, many novel technologies used in the manufacturing of Samsung Galaxy S7. In this specification of smart phone, it has special microchips; it will increase the performance of the Galaxy, and has flexible display. It has the resolution display of 4K native in Galaxy S7. In the past five years, you could see the 2K display in the old version. The novel version has 8-cores 64-bit processor this is the fastest processor around the world. You can able to see this kind of processor in your laptop also. Rather than the 8-core processor, you can also see the blazing processor in Galaxy S7. It has memory capacity up to 4GB RAM, the Samsung Galaxy S7 also has Exynos of 16 cores.


The features of galaxy S7 are expected to be very high speed you may see the concepts of Smartphone available on many websites online. It could have advanced sensing and touching the screen, along with the rotary system. The additional feature of Samsung Galaxy S7 could include retina scans and ID button. It could also have quick charging technology. The front camera could become one of a special feature in the galaxy. The flexible display is going to give a better performance to the smart phone; this will act as a best interaction device to the Smartphone user.

Now all are expecting a launching of Samsung Galaxy S7, the Galaxy S5 is the previous version of Samsung, this is a smart phone, which contains high-end specification, and this is entirely differing from another version of Samsung galaxy. In each year, the Samsung Company will introduce the unique structure and design of smart phone. This is a new version of Samsung galaxy. You may expect more features from the Galaxy S7. As every year, the Samsung will keep the leading position when compared to other smart phones in a market. The invention of Samsung galaxy increased in every year. You could see more updates of Galaxy S7 through Samsung Company’s official websites; they will give more details about that smart phone. The Samsung users are getting more expectation and interest to use the Samsung Galaxy S7. For those people, the company would offer the smart phone as special gift in the year of 2015.

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