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These days changing smartphones is a new trend. Some peeps want to try iPhone, some want to try out Android devices and some want to try other mobile OS like Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc. Purchasing a new phone is not a big issue but transferring its old data from old to new phone becomes the biggest issue for in purchase of any new phone. Even, nowadays i have seen many people carrying two phones at once, just for the reference of old messages, contacts, etc. It’s very difficult to carry 2 phones at once as pockets becomes heavy and it even becomes difficult to walk.

These days changing phones have become an issue for the teenagers. But with the help of Wondershare’s MobileTrans you can easily transfer files, musics, videos, contacts, messages, etc between any supported mobile operating system. This tool helps in easy transfer of files with 2 simple clicks between any phone.

Wondershare have been the best software producer for this year. Wondershare not only offer MobileTrans but have a range of other products like Dr Fone For Android/IOS, iPhone Eraser, etc. To be frank, according to my use i would suggest everyone to use Wondershare MobileTrans for your transferring solutions as its not like other softwares which hangs your PC and even the phone(maybe), so its better using MobileTrans for quality work.

Features Of Wondershare MobileTrans

You can use Wondershare MobileTrans for transferring data between your Android to IOS or vice versa, you can transfer the data between the supported operating systems. It supports all the latest version of supported Operating Systems and works well on both Windows PC and MAC.

List Of Supported Operating Systems By Wondershare MobileTrans

  • IOS Based Devices.
  • Android Based Devices.
  • Windows OS Based Devices.
  • Symbian(Nokia) Based Devices.
  • Some of the devices with Blackberry OS.

With the help of MobileTrans you can easily all the data present on your Devices. The transferrable data includes messages, contacts, notes. voice notes, photos, videos, documents, and even the app data between iDevices, Blackberry, Android, Nokia Symbian and Windows Phone with just a click.

Getting Started With Wondershare MobileTrans

You may follow the steps provided below to start the transferring of data between your smartphones.

  • At First, Connect your both the phones to your PC using two USB cables and let your computer detect your phones. If it doesn’t automatically detects your phone then you will need to install your phone’s driver and then restart the app. if it still didn’t recognise your device and its listed on the supported device list then you can send an email to their sales team regarding it.
  • Once you devices are detected, proceed for the next step. In the next step you will find that it will be asking you for selecting the files which you want to transfer between your phone. Remember, only selected data will be transferred.
  • When you’re done with above steps click the start button and then let the process end. Usually it takes 3-4 hours and freeze your both the devices for the mean time and can’t be used in the time.
  • When you see the process has ended, you may need to restart your device to see the transferred data on your phone.


Therefore, Wondershare MobileTrans can be used to transfer files between phones but only on the supported OS. It can be used to transfer any kinds of files. This tool even gives you an option to select the required files which you want transfer others will be neglected. To buy Wondershare’s MobileTrans you may visit their official website.


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