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Robotic Vision – Guide to Learn About the Basics of This Technology

Robotic Vision

Robot related vision is a vast field that offers several benefits to an organization. Due to this reason the guidance on robot based vision is developing at a fast pace. The advantages of using this sophisticated vision technology are huge savings, better quality, reliability, security, and productivity.

Robot related vision is mainly used for identification of parts and navigation. Such types of vision related applications mainly deal with locating a part and then orienting it for better robotic handling and inspection prior to executing the application.

In this article, we will learn more about robotic technology.

How the robot based vision works?


The robot is designed to make use of its vision technology to perform image related functions such as scanning or seeing of two-dimensional objects, barcode, three-dimensional objects, imaging and X-ray imaging. This is very useful for inspection purposes.

Image Processing:

Once the objects or images are detected, they are processed by the robot. A robot locates the object, detects its edges, identifies if any obstacle is present, counts a number of pixels, find and modify objects according to the programming, recognize varying patterns and process the image according to the programming.

Notice the savings

Robotic vision helps in simplifying the processes that do a lot in lowering the costs. This technique also eliminates any requirement for hard tooling. Now, it is easy to identify the products and applications without implementing any security features.  An organization can also save a lot of labor and machines. As the need for sorts, upstream actuators and feeders are eliminated so the manpower to load the parts also reduces to a significant extent.

Creation of Sight

Robot vision is generally performed by combining vision algorithms, temperature software, calibration and cameras. Calibration of such vision systems are application dependent and can range from simple advice to a complex application using data from several sensors.  Nowadays the algorithms used in implementing the vision also comprises of techniques such as collision detection etc.

How to finding the best vision?

When selecting the appropriate vision guidance, you need to consider following aspects:


Robot vision works and connects with the existing robotic application and system. A disconnect could very much harm the robot and lead to reduced production and quality.


The workplace is required to be effectively monitored and controlled. It is required so that the vision of the robot remains sharp. Each and every element that contributes to the environment such as lighting, change of product color, airborne chemicals should be tested.

Robot related vision has ample role to play in three-dimensional imaging, X-Ray imaging, etc. A vision guided robots have the potential to even replace several mechanical tools with a robot station. Thus learning robot based vision proves beneficial for all organizations.

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