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YouTube to Benefit from Google’s Material Design: The What and the Why

Google’s Material Design

Google’s Material Design is a visual language for all users that amalgamates innovation and the potential of technology and science with the principles of great classic design. It’s essentially a living document that Google will update as they continue to develop the concept and finer points.


Material Design is being rolled out across all of Google’s products, and the talk is that an update for YouTube is on the cards. In fact, it’s possible to enable it right now using Google Chrome. Here’s how to do it and what to expect.

From the home page you will now see that the search-bar is based on the Material Design look, and the “Upload” button has been changed to resemble that found in Google’s mobile apps.

Channel Pages

It’s when you delve into the Channel pages that you find the biggest changes. There is more a feeling of individuality – a personal perception for creators to build the layout they want. The boxy and square style has been replaced with a slick circular logo, and the background colour now matches the central colour of your header image.

The sidebar has also had a bit of an overhaul, with the circular icon approach being applied here as well. Everything looks a lot tidier and more cutting-edge.

Things are certainly looking more exciting and flexible for creators. If you’re interested in updating the look of your pages but aren’t familiar with Material Design, why not speak to a company such as, who can provide you with web design in Newry and other locations?


You would probably expect for a video-based website that the video-player page itself is the main target for Material Design, but oddly it appears to be the least affected. More white space, however, has been introduced surrounding the videos, replacing the grey background which helps separate the page elements out.

Having said that, it may make more sense to keep a level of consistency on the video page, as this is the first thing most visitors to YouTube see.


To see the changes for yourself right now, make sure you are using Google’s own web browser, Chrome, and be sure to visit the US version of the website. The local version will for now still appear as normal.


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